How to Repair Damaged Microsoft Word Documents?

Now a days, Microsoft Windows system is used by people across the world. It has plenty of applications which help people to do their work in very efficient way. MS Word is one of them, which is extremely used by people for their work. It is a text editing app which allows people to create an attractive document by using its advanced features. It allows [...]

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Hitachi Travelstar hard drive data recovery software- Restores Data in Few Clicks

Hard drive are the portable devices which are  used to store the files such as audios, videos, images , documents like MS word file, MS Excel files, PDF, PPT and so on. In [...]

Learn How to Recover Data from a Lexar USB Drive

Lexar USB drive is a data storage devices which is easy to use as they are portable and small in nature. Among various popular brands Lexar USB drive is mostly used by the [...]

How to Recover Lost iPod Songs on Windows or Mac based PC?

Have you ever lost your lovely songs from the iPod due to various unforeseen reasons such as system crash, file transfer error, format iPod accidentally, etc? Most of the [...]

How to Recover Documents after Erasing Portable Hard Drive

Nowadays everyone opts for a portable hard drive because it is very easy to carry. So that the user can connect it and view documents, play videos, see pictures and listen to [...]

How to Perform File Recovery on Mac OS X?

Mac is a graphical user interface based OS developed by Apple Inc. Mac systems are globally used by people for their personal as well as professional purpose. Mac has [...]

Know How to Clear Browsing History in Google Chrome

After using Google chrome browser it is better to clear the browsing history in order to have privacy. If we go on the internet all the browsers like Safari, Microsoft Edge, [...]

Know About Easy Way to Perform Partition Recovery

“Hi, My hard drive which is of 500GB and I made this hard drive into 4 partitions for convenient purpose of reaching files. It was good till morning, but all of sudden, [...]

Virtual Reality: Ultimate Guide to Know about VR

Virtual reality is away from a new technology. It has been around for decades, giving people the chance to experience and interact in a world that is abstracted to their [...]

Safely Undelete USB Files by Using this Software

USB is a small portable external storage device which provides safe transfer of data or files from one system to another system. It has the capacity to store huge amount [...]

Benefits of Helium Filled Hard Drives

California based data-storage Company HGST has begun making a six-terabyte helium hard drive that has a 50 percent greater storage capacity and uses about 20 percent less [...]