A simple reason to use Microsoft Outlook for email

If you are trying to recover deleted emails there is one thing that is paramount to remember. Emails that have been deleted from free web based email services are almost impossible to rescue. Emails sent from and received by Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express are far easier to restore. The reason for this is extremely simple. Emails stored on a network such as that owned by Yahoo are stored on their data center servers. You simply don’t have access to them the way you do your own computer’s hard drive or an external drive you’ve connected to your computer. Because of this recovery of emails deleted from web based processors is generally not possible unless you have placed that email into the web server’s trash bin. Unlike your computer based Windows recycle bin, a web based email server’s trash has a definite time limit for you to recover files from it. This is one of the reasons that using popular e-mail clients such as Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Outlook Express is recommended.

When you accidentally delete emails sent or received using Microsoft Outlook, the base data from that message still remains in coded form on your computer’s hard drive. To recover deleted mails sent or received using Microsoft Outlook all you need is a quality Outlook or Outlook Express repair software program.