Best way to perform partition recovery

Data consists of files, folders, documents, office documents, photos, images, audio and video files. All these data is stored in the hard disk of a computer. The storage capacity of a hard disk drive may vary from several GB’s (Gigabytes) to several TB’s (Terabytes). Due to the increase in demand of the storage capacity, the hard disk companies are increasing the storage capacity depending on the need of the consumers. There are several hard disk manufacturing companies, which are specialized only of developing hard disks. Some of them are, Transnet, Kingston, Seagate, etc. They are specialized in developing compact laptop hard disk drives as well. There are different types of hard disks like SATA / SCSI / IDE / ATA etc,. External hard drives are also manufactured by these companies, which are portable devices that can be carried and connected to any computer using a USB port.

Each hard drive can be partitioned with different partitions, depending on the user’s requirements. When a hard drive is partitioned with Microsoft Windows OS, it is given a file system. Windows has basically two types of file systems, namely, FAT and NTFS file system. FAT is the legacy file system where as NTFS is the latest file system with high improvements over FAT file system. Data present in these partitions are stored and retrieved based on the architecture of the file system. Sometimes, data present in these partitions may be deleted or lost due to various known or unknown reasons. Some of the most commonly known scenarios for deletion of crucial data from your hard drive are as follows:

  • Accidental Deletion: One of the most common reasons for deletion of data from your computer is accidental deletion ie., once you have deleted the  data, you realize that it was of utmost importance to you. You might have even deleted the file from recycle bin.
  • Formatted the partition: While trying to format a partition, you may accidentally format a different partition or drive, which results in complete removal of data from that partition
  • File system corruption: Partitions will have either FAT or NTFS file system, which is used to store and fetch data from the disk. When the file system gets corrupt, data present in those corrupt partitions will become inaccessible, leading to loss of data
  • Windows OS reinstall: While reinstalling Windows Operating System, most of the time you may format all the drives or partitions resulting in loss of data present in other drives or partitions as well.

All the above-mentioned reasons and other reasons also cause deletion or loss of data from the computer. No matter what the reason for deletion or loss of data from the hard drive be, it is always possible to recover and restore deleted data from the computer’s hard drives using the best partition recovery software available in the market. One of the most trusted and popular formatted data recovery software that is reviewed by industry experts is Remo Recover (Windows) software. You can also download Remo Software, which is available as a free trial version, and evaluate the recovery results. After evaluating the results, if you are completely satisfied then you can purchase the complete software and save the recovered information onto a CD or a DVD.