Can I get files back after emptying my Trash?

Mac trash is a special folder where files which are deleted from Mac hard disk get stored in it. The files that are present in Trash folder can be browsed, viewed, restored or can be erased by the user forever. The size of Mac trash folder is not fixed like any other operating systems.

When you delete file from the Mac hard disk actually the file is directed to the Trash.  Sometimes you may delete a file by mistake & later empty the trash without checking its contents. This may lead you to loss of important files. Are you tensed what to do? ‘Can I recover files from emptied trash?’ This might be the question going around your mind. Don’t be stressed, you can easily get back files from trash by using Mac file recovery. But   you should not save new files to the Mac hard drive where trashed items are located originally. If you save new files then it may overwrite the hard disk memory which leads to permanent data loss. So before performing file recovery you should keep in mind this point.

Trash folder in Mac OS provides two options to clear the files present in it. One is “Empty Trash” and other is the “Secure empty Trash“. If you clear the trash folder using “Empty Trash” option then third party program can help you to restore those files and if it is emptied using “Secure empty Trash” option then it is impossible to get back those files.  In such instances, Mac File Recovery software is the best option to retrieve files that are erased from Trash due to “Empty Trash” option.

Go through some reasons due to which you may lose files from Trash:

    • Empty trash: Sometimes you may think that files are not very important & they are consuming unnecessary space so you erase them from the Mac hard disk. Later you realize that you need these files to perform important task and you don’t have backup of these files so that you can recover them back.
    • Automatic Clear Setting: You might have done automatic clear setting on trash to empty the trash files so that your files get deleted automatically after certain period. Later you might forget about the settings & perform some task and erased some files thinking that the files will be directed to trash folder and can be restored back when required. After few days, when you check the trash folder you find that no files are present in it because of the clear settings.
  • Using Shit +CMD +Delete option: Using Shift +CMD +Delete option to erase a file from the Mac trash folder will also lead to loss of files from it. You may have stored a file temporarily & later forget it & without checking the contents you may lose files from it. It is also a short cut process to clear the trash folder in Mac computer. Only way to undelete files Mac OS X is to use file recovery tool

Mac file recovery tool is the best application that helps to restore erased files back from Mac trash quiet easily. Accomplishing the recovery process is not a difficult job; any novice user can perform the task. This program is reliable & uses powerful scanning method to get back missing files from Mac hard drive formatted with HFS, HFS+ & HFSX file system.  The tool is also capable of recovering files from flash drive Mac, USB drives, FireWire drives, external hard disk, etc.