Corrupted Compact Flash Card Recovery Software

Hi! Yesterday I connected my memory card to my computer with the help of a card reader for transferring some of the files from that memory card to the computer. While transferring, I removed that card reader from the computer, thinking that the transfer process got completed. Due to this, the file transfer stopped immediately without completing. I inserted that card to my computer to check the files present in it, but I faced an error message stating that “Header File Corrupted”. Is there any software to recover corrupted Compact Flash card data?” compact-flash-card

Memory Cards are compact devices, that are used to save data like photos, contacts, audios, videos, etc. It is used in most of the electronic device like mobile phones, mp3 players, printers, digital cameras, PDA, etc to save data. The size, speed and storage capacity of a memory card varies from one to another. Even though there are many advantages in using a flash card, it may some times get corrupted. If your data in your flash card is lost due to card corruption, believe that it can be recovered. The corrupted Compact Flash card recovery is performed with the help of Recover Flash Card tool. Recovering corrupted flash drive data is performed with some special algorithms by this tool.

Here are Some of the Situations in which Your Flash Card Data May Get Deleted or Lost:

  • Header File Corruption: Corruption of the header file in your flash card may occur due to some problems in the computer such as loss of system files, registry errors, etc. In this case, the data from your memory card may get corrupted.
  • Interruption while File Transfer: Say, you are transferring files from computer to your memory card. At the time of transfer, you switch off your computer forcefully due to some reasons, which may stop the file transfer. Due to this reason the files in your memory card become inaccessible.
  • Bad Sectors: The data stored in memory card get corrupted due to bad sectors . These are nothing but small sectors present on the card which are neither readable nor writable. If the bad sector present in your memory card is too high, it may result in deletion of file from that card.
  • Third Party Tool: Using third party tools to view the card contents or inserting your card in a damaged card reader to access your files may sometimes result in corruption of your memory card.

Characteristics of this Tool:

Recover Flash Card tool recovers files which are deleted using command prompt. This application can recover data from different types of flashcard, HDDs and USB drives. Data from inaccessible drives can also be recovered with this tool. The software also provides preview option, using which you can view recovered card files before restoration. Recovering of data from a formatted partition can also be performed with the help of this tool. Different image types like PEG, JPG, GIF, TIF, BMP, PNG, PSD can be recovered using this tool. This software also provides preview option that allows you can view recovered card files before restoration.