Easy way to perform hard drive recovery

Hard drive is the secondary storage device of the computer which is responsible for storing data saved by the user. Hard drive are of various types such as SATA, ATA, IDE etc. and the size of hard drive varies from 160 GB to 2 TB. The data stored on hard drive can be text, documents, audio files, video files or other digital data.

Hard drive can be divided into many drives (depending on the size of the drive), this is known as partitions. The idea behind partitioning is to segregate the data on hard drive, this helps user to store different data on different partitions. There might be some instances where users can accidentally format hard drive, in such case user might be wondering as how to recover the formatted data. Hard drive recovery can be done by data recovery software.

When data from hard drive is deleted or lost, operating system does not delete the data permanently from the hard drive. It only deleted the pointer pointing to that particular data. Hence the data is invisible and appears to be deleted.

There are many reasons for deleting data from hard drive. Some of the most common ones are listed below

  • Data lost due to formatting: – Formatting is an act of erasing / deleting the data from the drive. Intentionally or unintentionally formatting the hard drive can lose the data from the drive.
  • Data lost due to deletion: – Accidental deletion of any data using Shift + Delete key can remove the file or data from the hard drive.
  • Data lost due to partition error: – Partition of hard drive can be done manually or by using third party tools. Occurrence of error while partitioning the hard drive can lead to loss of data from the hard drive.
  • Data lost due to virus attack: – Viruses are the destroying programs which enter computer through the network or from when external storage devices are attached to computer. Viruses get attached to the data present on the drive and on performing anti-virus scan, anti-virus deletes the data.

No matter what the reason for data being deleted from the hard drive, it can always be recovered using Remo Recover (Windows) – Pro Edition. This software utility is most efficient in recovering data from the hard drive under any data loss situation. Software not only recovers data from hard drive it can also be used to recover lost / deleted data from external hard drive, USB drives, memory cards and other data storage devices. It has the capability to identify more then 300 file types which include audios, videos, documents, images and RAW image file types. This software displays the recovered results on the basis of name, file size, file type and creation date. Software also gives an option to preview the files before recovering. To know more about the software, download the demo version and run the software to recover your deleted data. Once you are satisfied with the results you can later purchase the full version.