Easy ways for Outlook backup and migration

Many users are using Microsoft Outlook as their email client. However, with newer versions available in the market users want to migrate their Outlook to the latest version of Outlook. Though Microsoft Outlook comes with an import and export option, but the users can only import and export their emails. The main disadvantage of this option is that the users cannot import the options like signatures, templates, stationery, address book, task, calendar, contacts, setting, notes, alerts, message rules and journal.

Sometimes is very easy to backup Outlook settings this is one of the way to avoid the data loss from Outlook. When you make a backup of your Outlook settings you need to make sure your backup is not dysfunctional. Backup are very useful while rebuilding or upgrading your Microsoft Outlook.  However, it is very easy to Migrate Microsoft Outlook with all necessary data from one version to another with the help of any good Outlook Migration program. There is some software available in market which lets you to migrate the Outlook and also helps you to take a complete backup of all your necessary data from MS Outlook. If you used any migration program to migrate you won’t lose any necessary data like signatures, templates, stationery, RSS feeds, Outlook settings etc.

Tips to select a Migration utility

  • Download the trial version of the application to check the ability of the program.
  • Check the system requirements for installing the application.
  • Select the utility based on the trail version results.
  • Buy the program and install the software.
  • Follow the instructions and according to that make a backup and migrate of Outlook to latest version.

If you are facing data loss problem from USB drive don’t worry you can still recover files from USB drive with the help of good USB drive recovery software.