Exceeding 2GB Limit is a reason of worry

Did your pst data file get corrupted? If you use Outlook 2002 and former editions, you are constipated to have corruption issues, more regularly, than those that use Outlook’s later editions. PST size limit of 2GB accounts for. In Outlook 2002 and former editions, a PST data file gets corrupted the instant it overshoots the 2 GB size limitation. Still, a PST data file can also go corrupted caused by several other causes including abrupt system shutdown, compact procedure, power fluctuations etc.

In most of the corruption cases, data loss is ineluctable as Outlook tosses startup computer errors. To escape from such conditions, you can look at using the Inbox Repair Tool. But, it is important to note here that if a PST data file becomes corrupted after surpassing the size limitation, you are required to first use the 2GB truncation service program if you would like induct the PST repair procedure. Executing the Scanpst.exe only would not help right until you employ the crop tool.

The PST file in use becomes damaged after exceeding the permissible size limit. In these kinds of cases, the Inbox Repair Tool can not offer any recess.

Download the Oversized PST tool which in turn makes a truncated copy of the damaged PST file. After getting the more compact PST file, you are required to use the Inbox Repair Tool (Scanpst.exe) on it. You could use the recover pst file and open it in Outlook.

The afore-mentioned steps might not exactly be 100 % useful. Any time you can not afford to compromise on the data stored in the PST file, in which case you must acquire PST Repair software.

You possibly can repair and retrieve all components of a corrupted PST file in a secure and hassle-free way by downloading an expert utility program like Outlook PST Inbox repair tool.