File Recovery Made Easy

There are various ways in which people end up losing their data. There are however, two ways in which data loss can be categorized, namely physical data loss and logical data loss. Data loss which occurs due to physical damage to the storage media is called physical data loss. Retrieving data lost due to physical data loss is highly difficult in nature. This is due to the physical nature of the loss of data. However, file recovery in case of logical data loss is relatively easy due to the logical nature of data loss. The loss of data can occur in various applications and on different types of files. Some of the applications and files are listed below.

One of the common applications used especially on Windows PC is Microsoft Office. The various types of files used in Microsoft Office include Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook etc. There are various file formats in which files in these different applications, for example, files in Microsoft Word get saved in the .docx format while excel sheets are saved in the .xlsx format. There are also numbers of files stored in Microsoft Outlook, which can also face data loss. The files also differ in terms of different versions of the utility, but it might be common in terms of a data recovery software.

For example, data recovery software to repair Outlook 2007, 2003 and 2010 might all be the same, while the file types might differ in each case. However, the user has to be extremely careful in choosing the right data recovery software, to recover the data.