Mac Lost Partition Recovery

Mac system can crash anytime. When a Mac system crashes your external drive doesn’t show up or at the most, you might end up losing mac partition. Mac Lost Partition Recovery can be easily done by using Remo Recover. The software will help you to restore Mac partition or volumes with ease. The software not only supports partition recovery but also restore lost files from Mac hard drive.

First, let us understand the situation on how you lost the mac partition. There are many causes for a partition loss, given below are the reasons a user will face while handling Mac partition.

Partition formatting-  When a Mac system stops working, users mostly format a partition thinking it might solve the issue. Users do not think what happens soon after formatting a partition. They end up losing data from the same formatted partition.

Attack by Virus- Mac system usually is highly secured, it is built in such a way that virus doesn’t affect the system. Techies are now finding the virus and hacking methods which can affect a Mac partition.

Deletion of partition accidentally- In order to make the usage of a Mac system easy, users create partitions so that they can arrange the files. Partitions are usually resized by separating or merging two or more partitions. Mac partition may get deleted accidentally when users are making a change.

Corruption- It’s not just Mac systems that get corrupted when the system shuts down abruptly. Usage of unreliable third party software to leads to corruption of a Mac system.

Remo Recover Mac

The application as stated above can restore partition from Mac OS and Mac OSX. There are many features of the software of the software that needs to be highlighted, below given are few of them:

  • Remo Recover Mac is a software that helps in lost partition recovery. The file system such as HFS, HFS+, HFSX is supported.
  • There are two scanning engines built in the software, this engine will help in recovering Mac partitions which are lost, accidentally deleted/formatted, corrupted and even missing.
  • The application can easily recover Mac hard drive lost partition from Mac book air, mac book pro, Mac book, iMac, Mac Mini.
  • The software has the capacity to support retrieve from Mac Volumes on both 32bit and 64bit Mac OS.
  • The user can view the recovered Mac partitions in Mac Finders style interface.
  • The tool performs a smart scan in order to recover lost data from Mac volumes.
  • The application has a Find option, this feature makes it easy to discover the file type or exact file.
  • Recovery session can be saved using save recovery session option. This feature is enabled so that the software need not rescan the Mac volume.
  • Restore lost data or file from hard drives (IDE, SCSI, SATA) flash memory cards( SD, XD, Memory Stick, MMC)iPods, FireWire Drives, USB External Drives.


How to recover lost partition on Mac

Download the Software Remo Recover Mac and then run it on your Mac system.

Ones the software is launched choose the option Recover Volumes/ Drives.

The application will take you to the next page from there choose Volumes Recovery because your Mac volume has been lost. If at all you have formatted/ reformatted your Mac volume then choose formatted/ reformatted recovery.

Choose the Mac hard drive to get lost partition and click Next. If you haven’t found the exact volume click on the Checkbox, this will do advanced Volume search and ones again click next.

As soon as the scan is completed, the list of volumes will be displayed and choose the volume then press next.

The application will ask for the preferred type of scan. The user can either choose Standard Scan for restoring lost Mac partition quickly or else choose advanced scan this is used when the volume is corrupted severely.

In order recover lost Mac volume completely, you can click on the skip button. If a specific file is required the select the file which needs to be restored and click next.

Use the preview button to verify the recovered lost Mac partition.

Click the save button to store the recovered lost Mac partition.