Recover BMP Files

BMP file format is one kind of image file format which is widely known as bitmap image file or simply as a bitmap. The BMP file format has the capability of storing normal as well as 2D images of definite height and width. This file format is widely used to saving the images on computer with .bmp file extension.  It is mainly used to store image on Microsoft Windows. It includes fixed sized as well as variable sized structure appeared in predetermined sequence.BMP image file format is capable of save or produce highly quality or high resolution images.

Want to recover BMP files?? This is an intense question emerges in mind of people because they might have deleted the images due to intentional or unintentional reasons. Photos are the glimpses which are captured by camera with high admiration and emotions of people. Nobody wants to lose their images because someone’s emotions are attached with photos. Hence it will be the extreme case which is occurred in deletion of photos because images are taken with strong emotion and are become treasure for them. Suppose you have lost some important BMP images and want to recover BMP files then digital image recovery software will be the most appropriate choice to get back precious BMP images.

Scenarios of BMP file deletion:-

  • Suppose your system is got contaminated by virus or any malicious code, then it will harm your all files including your BMP images stored on computer hence it is the common case which is caused to deletion of BMP images.
  • When BMP image files are in the process of transferring and suddenly some interruption encountered then it will lead to deletion of BMP files.
  • BMP images might lose when storage device (hard drive, memory card, flash drive, memory stick, etc) got corrupted and become inaccessible.
  • While previewing the images on computer and suddenly your computer got shut down by power fluctuation or any other unintentional reasons then it will lead to deletion of photos.
  • When you deleting some junk or unwanted images, you might delete some useful images by accidentally pressing shift + Delete key combination.
  • BMP files might get delete by any third party application.

Distinct features of digital image recovery software:-

Digital image recovery tool is very efficient for retrieving deleted BMP images from almost all hard drives such as SATA, IDE, SCSI, etc. this software has special built-in algorithm which is developed for recovering photo file formats, video files, RAW photo file formats. It supports various file system drives such as FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, and ExFAT. This utility creates disk images to avoid bad sectors, and by using this disk image you can recover deleted BMP images at later stage. You can preview recovered files before restoring them. Digital image recovery software has the ability to save recovered files on CD/DVD or any other accessible drive. It can perform recovery operation on BMP images along with all other image file types. This software supports all versions of windows like Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, etc. this tool can recover GIF files also, if you want to know more about GIF file recovery then click here: