Repairing DBX files for Outlook Express mail recovery

While it is true that almost any general purpose data recovery program can find and recover Microsoft Outlook Express DBX files there still remains a problem when using this type of program. Outlook Express DBX files are extremely proprietary in their nature. This means that while you may be able to transfer and copy one of these file types, you cannot necessarily open it and read it. This is the function of the Outlook Express application. But if the application itself has failed or become corrupted you no longer have the ability to open and read messages.

You can of course reload the Outlook Express application but this will result in deletion of all your stored files. For this reason if you have lost, deleted or damaged Outlook Express files you will need a program specifically designed to repair DBX files. In this case what we mean by DBX repair is it allows you the ability to open those files, read them and copy them to a secure location.