Restore iPhoto library using digital photo recovery software for Mac OS X

Apple gives its users a lot of applications and tools that they can use on Mac OS X. One of the most important and famous ones among them is the iPhoto library. IPhoto is an application that lets you easily organize the photos captured using your digital camera on Mac OS X. There are various features associated with iPhoto that makes it popular among other photo libraries like Picasa. The latest version of iPhoto has features like Full Screen mode, enhancements for Facebook, slideshows and many more besides the already existing features like sharing, editing and Faces to see feature.

There are however many issues related to iPhoto library that often results in it getting corrupted leading to deletion or loss of photos. Corruption of the iPhoto library is one of the major reasons for loss of photos from the iPhoto library. This could lead to loss of photos from the library making them inaccessible by the user. Another scenario in which photos might get deleted from the iPhoto library is when the user makes use of the “Delete Original” option which results in deletion of the photo from the hard drive.

Though the photos are deleted or lost, it is possible to restore iPhoto library as the data has not been deleted from the hard drive and it is only the pointer to the file that gets deleted. A good digital photo recovery software for Mac OS X will recover deleted or lost photos from Mac OS X and restore iPhoto library. There are however instances when the deleted or lost photos cannot be recovered and this occurs when the user continues to use the affected drive. This might result in permanent loss of data as there are chances of the new data overwriting the old data.