Solving the problems made by prematurely reloading Windows

If you reload your Windows operating system before accessing the hard drive on your computer and copying from it all of your stored files, all of your data will be deleted. At this point the situation is still redeemable, as most quality third party data recovery software will essentially undelete those files and recover formatted partition information. The process required to recover formatted partition files is extremely simple. In fact the better data recovery software programs are so easy to use that all one needs to be able to do is click on a few check boxes and sit back while the program searches through the entire hard drive for any of the recently deleted files. In this case recently deleted files will include files lost due to accidental reformatting of ones hard drive.

Hard drives are accidentally reformatted when we reload our Windows operating system prior to accessing the computer’s hard drive and copying from it all of our stored information. To recover lost partitions Windows operated PCs only need to have a simple partition recovery program used.