What to do when inbox cleanup gets carried away

All of us from time to time go through our Microsoft Outlook Express email inbox, cleaning house as it were, deleting emails we feel are no longer needed. We also do this so as to generate more available space in our Microsoft Outlook Express inbox. Frankly deleting these emails is really not necessary as emails use an almost microscopic amount of storage space. Still for those who like things nice and orderly, the temptation to delete messages is too great to be resisted. This invariably results in our removing messages we needed to keep.

Should you accidentally delete emails from Outlook Express you’ll be pleased to note that these files can easily be recovered. As with any data recovery situation the first step is to do nothing. Do not compact files in your inbox as this creates an unrecoverable file. Do not add new messages. Do not send and receive more emails. All that is needed to recover Outlook Express email is a simple DBX repair tool. This is a software program that is fairly inexpensive and designed exactly for the purpose of helping you recover DBX file information. This tool will search through your computer’s entire hard drive in just minutes and return to you a list of all existing and recently deleted Outlook Express message files.