Backing up Outlook data prior to potential corruption

I understand why Microsoft Outlook is such a popular e-mail client. It allows one to keep track of all of their incoming and outgoing email messages as well as calendar functions and scheduling of tasks. The one thing I do not understand is why Microsoft after all of these years has refused to make the program more reliable. This is without doubt the most popular e-mail application in the world. Millions upon millions of people rely on this program to send, receive and store messages. Because the program is simply unreliable it becomes necessary to backup Outlook files on a daily if not hourly basis.

Now, thanks to the quality program from Remo software, Outlook backup can be accomplished by anyone with ease. Remo’s Outlook backup software migrates your Microsoft Outlook PST file to any safe location you choose. This can be a separate partition on your computer’s internal hard drive or a solid state external flash drive. Better yet you can backup your complete Outlook application to a location on both.