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Backing up Outlook data prior to potential corruption

I understand why Microsoft Outlook is such a popular e-mail client. It allows one to keep track of all of their incoming and outgoing email messages as well as [...]

Repairing DBX files for Outlook Express mail recovery

While it is true that almost any general purpose data recovery program can find and recover Microsoft Outlook Express DBX files there still remains a problem [...]

Bringing accidentally deleted files back on flash drive media

Compact flash drives are literally and figuratively small wonders. Many of the solid state digital media storage devices can hold up to 16 GB of information. [...]

Regrouping from MS Outlook inbox failure

The process required to recover Outlook emails basically revolves around location and reconstruction of the Microsoft PST file. All of the folders relative to [...]

What to do when inbox cleanup gets carried away

All of us from time to time go through our Microsoft Outlook Express email inbox, cleaning house as it were, deleting emails we feel are no longer needed. We [...]

Solving the problems made by prematurely reloading Windows

If you reload your Windows operating system before accessing the hard drive on your computer and copying from it all of your stored files, all of your data [...]

Getting your accidentally deleted Word files back

It is amazing how often we will look at the Microsoft Word or other Microsoft Office document and absentmindedly delete that file before considering whether or [...]

A simple reason to use Microsoft Outlook for email

If you are trying to recover deleted emails there is one thing that is paramount to remember. Emails that have been deleted from free web based email services [...]

What to do when standard data erasing is not enough

Don’t ever think that simply emptying your Windows recycle bin is a way to permanently delete files. Emptying the Windows recycle bin or directly deleting a [...]

Wiping your hard disk clean for security

Very often when we delete a file from our computer we need to permanently erase a file by dragging it into a program or application known as a file shredder. [...]