How to Repair MS Outlook PST File

Today, MS Outlook is the primary application for the employees in most of organization across the world to communicate and manage various aspects. Hence, most of the information along with email messages will be stored in their Outlook profile. Outlook keeps all this information in a .pst file. Each Outlook account will be having a single .pst file which holds all the information saved by the user in their account.

The major problem that the users encounter with .pst file that is corruption of it. Upon .pst file corruption, Outlook stops working which results in an unusual delay in work and may also leads to data loss. Since the PST file is prone corruption, it is better to keep a regular backup of it. In case if you don’t have the backup, the only option left is to repair it using some to access the data on it.

Before going to solution, let us have a look at how does this .pst file may get corrupt? You will get plenty of reasons for it, if you Google it. Here I am listing a few of them.

  • Corruption or deletion of control data executions due to a system crash or user actions may also lead to .pst file corruption.
  • Improper exit of Outlook while accessing it, due to power failure or improper system shutdown may also lead to corruption of .pst file.
  • PST file may also corrupt due to compacting of files by the user, if the process is interrupted.

In spite of the reason, if you land up with .pst file corruption without its backup, as I mentioned before, you need to use repair tool to fix it.

As a first step, use the in-built inbox repair tool provided with Outlook. Unfortunately, in some cases it will not help you because the .pst file might be severely damaged. In order to overcome such PST file corruption scenario make the use of Repair Outlook PST. It is well engineered application with a smart scanning algorithm to extract data from highly corrupted .pst files. It creates a new .pst file and keep the extracted data in it without overwriting the old one, which help you to protect your original .pst file.

While choosing a third party tool, you need to be careful about haywire tools, because they might collapse the .pst file instead of repairing by overwriting it. Once, if your .pst file is overwritten you can’t be able to recover data from it even using a third party tool also.

Repair Outlook PST is one of the advanced and effective tool for repair corrupted or damaged PST files. Once you are done with repair and recover of data from corrupted .pst file, take some precautions to avoid this problem in future. The possible thing is you can take a regular backup of .pst file, which never let you think of these tools even after .pst file gets corrupted. Repair Outlook PST application is a read only utility, means it does not modify the original content of PST file. To know more about recover of PST file, follow this link.