How to Repair Outlook PST File on MS Outlook?

“Hello, while working on my MS Outlook account, I could not able to access my precious data on it and I think it may because of PST corruption. So, can anyone guide me how to repair Outlook data from a corrupt PST file?”

The above situation can happen due to Oversize, Outlook Application failure, Bad sectors, etc. When Outlook files are corrupted with these causes, then there are chances for loss of your PST file. When entire Outlook is not opening then you may lose all the saved data. Losing such huge amount of data can make you more worried about the lost file. What are you going to perform in order to prevent the corruption of Outlook PST without losing any of the emails, contacts, etc.?  First, you should be calm and look for better solution by selecting the repair Outlook PST software. By using this tool, you can easily repair Outlook PST files from Outlook. The following are the scenarios in which your PST file may get corrupt.

  • The major reason for corruption of MS Outlook PST file is Outlook application failure.   Microsoft Outlook application can fail due to reasons like limited memory, etc. then the PST may get corrupted.
  • Outlook file oversize may also corrupt these files. There is a size limit for the Outlook PST file, which varies from different Outlooks versions. This size represents that the PST file is capable to hold a particular amount of data. When this limit exceeded, then the PST file may get corrupt.
  • Computers should be shutdown properly; unless, it may affect the current working file. Suppose while working on the Outlook application, then the system may switched off suddenly. The next time you switches on your system, there is a possibility that your Outlook application does not function properly due to improper shutdown.
  • Due to improper usage of the hard drive, it may create bad sectors. If any file saved on these bad sectors, it may become corrupted. The PST files are no exception to this; they may also get corrupted.

 Features of this software: Repair Outlook PST tool can repair corrupted or damaged PST files and supports all the latest versions of MS Outlook such as Outlook 2010, 2007, 2003, etc. This product has the ability to convert damaged or password protected OST files into new healthy PST file. The tool helps to analyze the personal folder structure to repair and recover all the data items. It retains original folder structure of Outlook items and it can also repairs the PST file which cannot repaired by Inbox Repair Tool provided by Microsoft. It also helps to recover Outlook PST files such as emails, calendars, notes, etc, on all the latest versions of Windows and Mac OS X and it can also recover password protected PST file. This software can also recover Outlook PST files, which are larger in size. By using this software, you can able to preview your repaired PST file before restoration. Afterwards, you can save the repaired PST file by getting licensed version of repair Outlook PST utility.