Safe and Secure Tool to Repair Microsoft Outlook Data File (.pst)

Corrupt PST files? Please stop your work and download Microsoft PST Repair Tool to effectively repair corrupted PST files under any complex situations. This PST Repair tool make use of sophisticated algorithms to repair a corrupt PST file produced by different versions of Outlook.

Microsoft PST Repair Tool

If you are already familiar with Outlooks’s Inbox Repair Tool, you may question like this “Can it possible to fix corrupted PST file using Inbox Repair Tool alone“? Really, it is a good question. Yes, you can repair corrupt PST files using Scanpst.exe (Inbox Repair Tool). But, the success chances are less. Moreover, if you could not repair a PST file using this default tool, the file may get permanently damaged. So, before repairing PST file using Inbox Repair Tool, you have to take a backup of your PST.

You may require the need of a PST repair tool under various situations. Sometimes, your intention would be the recovery of some deleted emails, whereas in some situations, you may need to handle a severe PST header corruption. You can find out some of the PST corruption scenarios from below.

  • Abrupt Closing of Outlook Application: Sudden closing of Outlook application will definitely impact the PST file which is currently using on Outlook. It doesn’t matter which version of Outlook that you are using in such a situation.
  • Incomplete Download: Say for example, you are downloading a PST file from a network. If your download process fails, the file which you have downloaded will be partial. You may not able to access the contents of that file through your Outlook application.
  • Outlook Upgrade Failure: It is also a valid reason for PST corruption. Due to various errors, your Outlook upgrade to a newer version can get failed. As a result, the currently using PST files can get damaged.

Microsoft PST Repair Tool provides different options to repair corrupt PST files on different versions of Windows systems. Even the Inbox Repair Tool fails to repair your corrupted PST file, you can use this tool for PST repair. For PST files created from Outlook 2003 up to Outlook 2016, you can utilize this tool. You have to close your Outlook program before using this tool.

Some Notable Features of this PST Repair Utility

  • If you don’t know the location of PST files on your computer, you can search for it with the help of this tool. It will search for the entire partition which you specified to find out your PST files
  • Don’t worry even there are multiple Outlook profiles running on your system. You can get back each of the profiles using this tool with utmost ease.
  • After PST repair, you can view items though an Outlook styled Window. If you are satisfied with repair results, you can go for purchasing the full version of this tool.
  • Using this tool, you can repair both password protected and compressed PST files.
  • If you want to repair Offline Storage Table (OST) files created using a Microsoft Exchange Server, you can still use this tool.