What to do when standard data erasing is not enough

Don’t ever think that simply emptying your Windows recycle bin is a way to permanently delete files. Emptying the Windows recycle bin or directly deleting a file from your computer’s internal hard drive or other digital media connected to your computer such as a camera memory card or USB compact flash drive only partially removes the file. In fact the only part of the file that is removed is the name itself. And even that can be restored using powerful third party data recovery software.

Now in order to be certain a file was deleted from your computer or elsewhere you must use special programs that overwrite the sectors holding the information on your computer’s hard drive. These programs to permanently delete files are known as either a file shredder or sometimes as a drive wipe. They have been specifically designed to breakdown to millions of tiny pieces any stored binary code that is placed on those file sectors you wish to erase. This drive wipe Windows users can perform will ensure the security of any private data.