Wiping your hard disk clean for security

Very often when we delete a file from our computer we need to permanently erase a file by dragging it into a program or application known as a file shredder. Just as their paper counterparts would do, a file shredder will completely dismantle digital data to such a degree that it can never be reassembled. For larger file deletion problems such as when one needs to completely erase all of the information on a computer hard drive there are programs for drive wipe available. The drive wipe or disk wipe program will systematically work through every sector of your computer’s hard drive, overwriting the data on those sectors in a random pattern many times.

Most of these programs for drive wipe are so efficient that they are used by the United States government for removal of top secret information. While your information may not be classified as top secret, it is certainly important that you keep it private and that no unauthorized people have access to your financial records.